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The following photographs are only a small fraction of the photographs in Milwaukee County Historical Society’s collections.  For more information about our photos, please see the bottom of this page or contact the Research Library at 414-273-7487 or

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Overview for the use of MCHS Images

General Remarks:

Patrons are urged to visit the Research Library to select images with the assistance of Library staff. For out-of-town patrons, staff can conduct a limited search for requested images. Prepayment is required.


The Society reserves the right to decline any order, or to limit the number of prints made. Use fees are paid on each print, even when ordering multiple copies of the same image. Captions are not provided.

Copy Work:

All copy work is done by the Society’s photographer. Outside photographers (except for TV news) are not permitted to copy items from the collection. Filming for TV requires special permission and advance arrangements.

Delivery Time:

Normal delivery time is two weeks from the time the order is placed. Large orders may require additional time, which will be discussed at time of order. Rush orders can be completed for additional fees. Please ask for rates.


Payment in full is required on any order. All sales are final.  Orders may be shipped for a standard postage and handling fee of $7.00 per order.  Large orders may increase mailing prices. A 5.6% sales tax for Wisconsin residents will be calculated on print fees; no tax will be added on use fees. Sales tax is not applicable to non-profits and governmental agencies when a tax exempt number is supplied. Checks should be made payable to “Milwaukee County Historical Society.” Rates not listed below will be quoted before the order is placed.

Non-publication Use Regulations:

Photographs and images purchased for reference, home framing, and/or research use are restricted only to such uses. No reproduction, scanning, or sharing of these images is permitted. The fees are figured on a one-time use charge. Use for any other purpose without consent from MCHS is considered copyright infringement.

Publication/Display/Media/Reproduction use:

Photographs and images purchased for publication, media, display, and/or reproduction use are calculated on an agreed upon fee. Usage of images for any other purpose requires MCHS permission as well as additional fees. These fees are always figured on a one-time use charge.


A written customer order is considered a contract between the Society and the customer in which both parties agree to certain conditions. The Society will deliver the images in an agreed upon format and price. The customer agrees to use the images for the purpose for which they were purchased. Any violation of the agreed upon use will result in prosecution for contract and copyright infringement. Monetary damages will be sought for unauthorized use.

Reproduction Fees

Digital Scans, $25.00

Standard Size Prints

5 x 7, $10.00

8 x 10, $20.00

11 x 14,  $25.00

16 x 20, $40.00

Larger sizes are available. Please ask for pricing. All prices are per print. Special instructions should be made at the time the order is placed. Sepia tone is available for all size prints at no extra charge. All prints – luster finish.

Use Fees for Photos

All fees are per print.

Non-reproduction use such as home framing, reference, and/or

research: $7.50

Publication Use for Print Run:

< 2,000 copies, $20.00

2001 to 7500 copies,  $30.00

7501 to 30,000 copies, $40.00

30,001 to 50,000 copies, $50.00

50,001 to 100,000 copies, $75.00

100,001 to 130,000 copies, $100.00

Slideshow/Presentation, $25.00

Cover/Jacket,  $50.00

Calendar,   $50.00

Worldwide use,  $25.00
(In addition to use fees listed above)

Exhibit/Display use

Prints for public display/exhibition such as in an office, lobby, restaurant, etc.

All fees are per print

5 x 7, $10.00

8 x 10, $20.00

11 x 14,  $30.00

16 x 20, $40.00

Prices for sizes over 16 x 20 will be determined before the order is placed.

Media Use Fees

Television/cable one-time, $50.00

Television/cable repeats, $100.00

Web use, $100.00

CD/DVD, $35.00

Non-profit organizations: A reduction in rates may be granted after a review of the proposed use of MCHS images for your project.

Mailing Fees

The standard postage and handling charge is $7.00 per order. Large orders may increase mailing prices.