Manuscript Collections

The Research Library houses thousands of Manuscript Collections. You can search SOME of the manuscript collections through this website.  We are constantly adding more collections to this website, so please check back. For a complete listing of manuscript collections housed in the Research Library, visit

The following is a complete listing of manuscript collections available online.  Click on a specific listing for further information.

4th Ward Republican Club, 1946-1969

A. Blade, Sons and Co.

AG Communication Systems Corporation

A. Geo. Schulz & Co., 1877 – 1966

A. Gettelman Brewing Company, 1882 – 1962

A.G. Elsner & Sons, Inc., 1880-1963

A. O. Smith Corporation

A. Yale Phillips Realty company

Abert Family, 1846-1864, 1997

Abert Family, 1846-1864, 1997

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Association, 1865-1962

Abstract of Title Collection

Adelaide Vera Bishop Clarkson Collection

Action for Goals 2000

Adams-Buell, Robert

Aderman, Ralph

Administrative Management Society, Milwaukee Chapter, Area 9

Administrative Women’s Association, 1929 – 1984

Advertising Collection

Advisory Committee on Defense Construction

African American History Collection, 1848-ongoing

Aid Association for Lutherans

AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Inc.

Air Wisconsin, 1971-1973

Albert B. Garvens, 1922 – 1975

Albert Trostel and Sons Company

Alex Roesch Company

Allcott, Joseph M.

Allen, Lillian C.

Allen, Wyeth Papers

Alliance of the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association, 1936-2002

Alliance of Progressing Nursing Homes, Inc.

Allied Power, Inc., 1911-1988

Allis, Louis

Allis-Chalmers Corporation, 1847-1988

Allschwang, John

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Altrusa Club of Milwaukee, 1931 – 1986

Alumnae Association of Milwaukee Girl’s Technical High School, 1910-2002

Ambassador Hotel

American Air Cleaning Company

American Association of Retired Persons Milwaukee Chapter No. 38, 1962-1986

American Echo, The

American Ex-Prisoners of War, Milwaukee Barbed Wire Chapter

American Federation of state, County, and Municipal Employees – Milwaukee County

American Friends Service Committee

American Hospital Association

American Lung Association

American Luther Association

American Motors Corporation, 1920-1978

American Society for Public Administration

American War Mothers

Americanization League

An Oral History of the Italians in Milwaukee, 1991

Anderson, Harry H.

Anderson, Judi

Anderson, Oliver William

Andree, E.W.

Anello, John-David Papers

Angelo Cerminara, 1907-1969

Anger, Selma

Animal Protective League Inc.

Animal Shows Collection, 1895 – ongoing

Anna Hazelton, 1905 – 1959

Anneke, Mathilde Franziska

Anthroposophical Society, Milwaukee Branch, 1964-1967

Antiquarian Society of Wisconsin, 1929-ongoing

Antlers Hotel

Apollo 11

Architecture 360, Inc. 1955 – ca. 1980

Army and Navy Union-Ladies Auxiliary, Anna Molt Auxiliary #78, 1934-1960

Arnold, Elias

Arnold, Jonathan E.

Art, Artists, and Galleries, 1874 – ongoing

Art for the Elderly

Arts Development Council of Milwaukee County, Inc.

Assess 88

Associated Hospital Services, Inc.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)

Astrology Collection

Auer, John

Auer, Julia

Aulin, Lucy

Austin, H. Russel

Austin, Pereles & Johnson

Austin, Samuel

Austrian-American Collection

Auto Acceptance & Loan Corporation

Autolog, The

Avella, Steven M.

Avenue Commons

Avery, Charles A.

Aviation History of Wisconsin Project

Babcock, Joseph W.

Bach, Christopher

Bach, Emma

Bachelor Auction

Bacon Family

Badger Brokerage Co.

Badger Home of the Blind

Badger Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Badger Paint and Hardware Stores, Inc.

Bading, Gerhard A.

Baerman, Dr. L. Alfred

Baez Family, 1886-1984

Bailey, Joel

Bailey, Jonathan

Baker, Orlando M.

Baker, T. Fred

Ball, Henry J.

Baltes, Franklyn and Dorette

Bamberger, George

Bank One, 1839-1988

Bankier, Sheldon B.

Banks/Savings & Loans Collection

Barg, William H.

Barnett, Philip

Barrett, Tom Papers

Barrett’s Department Store

Bartel, Henrietta

Bartender Collection

Barth, Charles

Barth Family, 1899 – 1954

Bartlett, John K.

Bartley, Patrick

Batchelder, Cleveland

Bates, Jesse H.

Baum, Catherine

Bautz Family

Bax, Victor

Bay View Literary Society

Bazaar of All Nations

Beale, Charles H.

Beasman, Joseph

Becker, Albert

Becker, Frederick and Victoria

Becker, Lydia

Becker, Sherburn M.

Beebe, Eugene W.

Beek, William G.

Beers, William

Beggs, John Irvin

Behncke, Franz

Behrens Family, 1931-2007

Beihoff Music Co.

Bendell, Nell

Bennett, Robert

Berens, William

Berger, Emma

Bergh, Henry

Bergholz Health Institute, INC.

Bergmann, Winogene

Berndt Buick Company

Berndt Family

Bernhard H. Hofmann, 1928 -1950

Berry, Fred H.

Besasie Family, 1950 – 1944

Bethany Presbyterian Church, 1893-2001

Biagi Family

Bielfeld, Heinrich

Bingham, George B.

Birchard, C.F.

Birchard, John F. and Harriet A.

Birdsell, Susan O.

Biron, Michael

Bittner/Nowack Family

B.J. Johnson Soap Company

Black, Elizabeth

Blacksmith Collection

Blaine School, 1922 – 1983

Blessed Virgin of Pompeii Church

Bleyer Family, 1880 – 1987

Blink, Herman

Block, Fred

Boardman Family, ca. 1833 – 1901

Bodden, Michael

Boehringer, Mabel

Boettcher/Counsell Family

Bogenberger, Mary

Bokelman, Henry A.

Bonesteel, Jacob N.

Bonne Amie Musical Circle

Booth, Sherman

Borchert Family Papers

Borowiak, John

Boruszak, Harry

Bossert, Gottlob

Bowman, Joseph

Bowman, Willard A.

Boynton Yellow Car, 1858 – 1958

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, 1918-ongoing

Bradley, William

Bradley’s Subdivision

Brady Street Merchants Association

Braeuninger, Ann

Breda, Gunnhild Johanna

Breen, John

Bremer, Arthur H.

Brett Funeral Home, 1901 – 1960

Breweries Collection

Brewers Hill Collection

Brewery Workers-Local #9 U.A.W., 1886-1950

Bricklayers, Masons & Plasterers International Union of America, Local 14, Waukesha and Local 8, Milwaukee, 1902-1966

Bridge Collection, 1845-ongoing

Brite, Jane

Brockman, Samuel J.

Brodock, Alison B. & Louise H.

Bronson, Bernhardt

Bronzeville Collection

Brooks Boyce, 1963-1983

Brophy, John L.

Brown Corlis Engine Company

Brown, Gustavus L.

Brown, James H.

Brown, Mattie

Brown, Samuel

Brown, Theodore and Elizabeth

Brown, Thomas J.

Bruce, William George Papers

Brumder Family, 1864 – 1938

Brumder, Thekla

Bruncken, Ernest

Bruss Family, 1867 – 1930s

Brussart, William K.

Brzezinski, Leo

Bryon Kilbourn, 1823 – 1839

Bubbert, Edgar M.

Buck, James S. and Family

Budzisz Family

Buel, Henry

Buestrin, Henry

Bulgrin, Gus H.

Bulyia, Francis

Bunde and Upmeyer Company

Burgess, Kenneth F. Jr.

Burnell, Levi

Burton/Wilde/Schossew Families

Burzynski, Aloysius

Business Against Drunk Driving

Business and Professional Women’s Club of Milwaukee Collection

Business Collection, ca. 1860-ongoing

Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee

Butter, Arthur C.

Butter, Otto H.

Butters-Fetting Company

Buttles, Anson W. Family Papers

Byron Kilbourn Monument Association

C.A. Rohde Company, 1884-1895

C. J. Jorgensen

C. N. Lodge and Company

California Products and Importing Company

Callaway, James E.

Calumet Club Collection, 1890 – 1954

Calvary Cemetery

Cambridge Apartments

Capitol Court, 1951-2000

Capitol Import Autos

Capitol News Agency

Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion, Inc.

Carbone, Amiable

Carey Family

Carl Penner, 1896 – 1938

Carlin, John

Carpari, Benedict

Carriage Building Handbook

Carrier’s New Year Address

Carter, Charles S. Papers

Case/Knapp Family, 1631-1965

Case, Truman A. Papers

Casper, Lynn

Casselman, William A. Papers

Cassidy, Robert

Catenhausen, Ernst Papers

Catering Industry Employee

Catholic Citizen, The

Catholic Dramatic Company

Catholic Family Life Program

Catholic Poetry Society of America

Cavalier, The

Celine, Bonny Christina

Cemetery Collection, 1882-ongoing

Center for Blind & Visually Impaired Children, Inc.

Center for Liberal Action

Central City Cooperative

Central City Teacher-Community Project

Central Council of Social Agencies

Central United Methodist Church, 1974 – 1978

Chalmers, Kenneth K.

Charles Allis Art Museum

Charles H. Bilty, 1910-1984

Charles King, 1880-1994

Charles Koubeck, 1896-1944

Cherrywood Village

Chicago and North Western Railways

Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railway, 1920 – 1977

Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul Railway, 1850 – 2003

Chinese-American Civic Club of Milwaukee/Organization of Chinese Americans-Wisconsin Chapter, 1964-1997

Chinese-American Collection


Chrabkow, Frieda

Christian and Emma Buehner, 1927 – 1945

Christopher Bach, 1859-1927

Church Arts and Educational Service

Church Collection

Church, Samuel

Church Women United, 1920 – 1985

Circus Collection

Citizen’s Bureau Of Milwaukee

Citizen’s Business League

Citizens for a Better Environment

Citizens for a New Day

Citizens for Decent Literature

Citizens for Menomonee River Restoration, Inc.

Citizen’s Military Training Camp

City Ballet Theatre, 1986 – 2005

City Club of Milwaukee, 1907 – 1974

City and County Employees’ Union

City Hall Reporter

Civic Commission of Milwaukee, The

Civilian Conservation Corps

Clarence and Cleopatra Johnson, 1924-1988

Clark, Ellsworth

Clark, Fred M.

Clark Oil Corporation, 1954-1976

Clas, Arminius A.

Clegg, Gilbert

Clement J. Zablocki Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, 1865-ongoing

Clinton/Kohl Visit

Clockmakers Collection

Club Internationale – Wisconsin Chapter

Club Lindenbaum

Clubs and Organizations Collection

Coalition for COMPETITION in Electricity

Coalition for Peaceful Schools

Cofar, Hyman

Cohen, Aaron

Colby Family

Cold Spring Park Association

College Endowment Association

Collins, Loretta

Colnik Family, 1880 – 2002

Colnick, Gretchen

Commercial Printing and Publishing Company

Committee of Fifteen on City Retrenchment

Committee on Institutional Cooperation

Committee on Public Ownership

Congregazione Femminile San Antonio Di Padova, 1940-1973

Connolly, Eugene

Conrad Schmitt Studios

Conservation Collection, 1913-ongoing

Cooper, Harry D.

Cooper, John

Co-Operatives Collection, 1920-1948

The Cooperation West Side Association

Cornellier, Gladys R. Papers

Corporate Report Wisconsin

Correll, Francis Marion

Corriere, Sebastian H.

Corss, Lucy

County Toy Lending Project

Cowen, Henry K.

Cox, Winfred D.

Cramer, William E. and Harriet L.

Crestwood Advancement Association

Crombie, Edith

Crystal Soap Company

Cudahy, John

Cumming, Charles J.

Curative Workshop of Milwaukee

Curtiss, Timothy

Custer High School

Czech/Slovak American Collection, 1892-ongoing

Dahlke-Perschbacher Family

Dahm, John

Daily Journal

Daily Republican and News

Daleiden Family

Dally, Mary

Dammann, Victoria Jule

Dance Collection

Danielson, Daniel B. Papers

Daniel W. Hoan, 1933

Daniel Webster Hoan, 1889-1966

Daniel Wells, Jr., 1798-1966

Danish American Collection, 1932-ongoing

Dannenfelser, Frederick Papers

Dare, Timothy Collection

Dark Room, Inc., The

Darned Hard Cases Club

Davey, Ann Papers

Davidson, Walter Papers

De Buono, Calagero and Mary

De Kletser

Deaconess Hospital, 1910 – 1986

Decker Family

Deer Park Hotel Company

Delanty, Edward Papers

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, 1955-2005

Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity, 1937-1980

Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, 1950-1970

Depression 1929 Collection, 1929-1940s

Der Sturmer

Des Forges Family

Desmond, Humphrey J.

Deutscher Press Club

Dewey Electric Co.

Diane Drufenbrock, 1973-1998

Diderrich Landmark Collection, 1839-1992

Die Hausfrau

Dietz, Carl P. Papers

Dietz, Helen M. Papers

Dietz, Peter E. Papers

Dittman, L. Papers

Dittmar, Gustave Papers

Doerfler, John Papers

Doerflinger, Carl H. Papers

Dohmen, Peter L. Papers

Dolan, Charles Papers

Dolnick, Benjamin I. Papers

Dolorosa Sick Benefit Society, 1911 – 1967

Dominion of Fancy Collection

Doubek, Patricia

Douglas Family, 1835-1935

Dousman, Talbot C. Papers

Downer Home, 1878-1967

Downer, Jason Judge Papers

Downtown Association of Milwaukee Collection

Doyle, Arthur Conan Collection

Dr. Thomas Abbott, 1899 – 1922

Drama Incorporated, 1955 – 1964

Draves, William August Papers

Dreamland Collection

Dreher, Reuter Papers

Dresen, Katharina and Wilhelm Papers

Drew, Susan Papers

Driscoll, John Papers

Drost Family, 1913-1965

Duering, Fred Papers

Durward, Bernard Isaac and Family Papers

Dutchen, John A. Papers

Dutcher Family Papers

E.R. Godfrey & Sons Co.

Earth Day

Eastbrook Church

East Side Community Council

East Side Housing Action Committee (ESHAC)

Eastside Interfaith Congregations Collection

Ebner Family Papers

Ebert, Adolph Papers

Eby, Cecil Papers

Eckert, Fr. Stephen

Edelman Family Papers

Edith Quade, 1939-1986

Education Collection

Edward E. Gillen Company

Edward K. Crosby, 1932-1971

Edward T. Lauer, 1895-1981

Ehr, Margaret

Eichradt, Hermann

Einfeldt, Alfred

Elberfeld College of Mining

El Circulo Hispanico

Elizabeth Corbett, 1887 – 1981

Elliott, Adrian J.

Elliott, Eugene S.

Ellison, Edward

Ellison, Martin, Jr.

Elmergreen, Dr. Ralph

Elmwood Subdivision

Emmerling, Joseph C.

Emil Seidel, 1910-1947

Enderis, Dorothy

Engbring, Robert

Engel-Poh Family

Engle, C.F.

Epsilon Kappa Omega Chapter

Erdmann, Herman

Erling Family, 1858 – 1966

Ernst, Jane and Jean

Erwin F. Zillman, 1903-1970

Esbjorn, Bruno

Escape: Wisconsin’s Gay Guide to Entertainment

Eschrich, Edwin

Eschweiler, Alexander C.

Eschweiler, Franz C.

Ethnic Groups Collection, 19th century – ongoing

Eugene Grobschmidt, 1947-1972

Eulalia J. Kluckow, 1860-1962

Eunice Bonow Bardell, 1978-1988

Evelyn Hasselkus, 1905 – 1988

Everpure Ice Company, 1940-1979

Exposition Building, 1881 – 1905

Falk, FrankFamily Health Plan Cooperative, 1975-2000

Family Planning Collection

Farina Family

Farmer-Labor-Progressive Federation Collection, 1936 – 1940

Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

Farnsworth, William

Farrell, Patrick

Farrer, Charles

Federation of Workers’ Singing Societies of America

Fels, George W. F. Papers

Felsch Family

Ferch/Mahrt Family

Ferris, Myron J.

Festivals/Fairs Collection, 1909-ongoing

Fessel, Ferdinand J.

First Unitarian Church

Fischbach Brewing, 1925 – 1936

Flickering Candle Society, Rotary Club of Milwaukee

Forest Home Cemetery, 1871 – ongoing

Frances B. Beverstock, 1968 – 1990

Francis E. McGovern, 1905-1944

Francis Huebschmann, 1842-1943

Frank A. and Charles M. Inbusch Collection, 1887 – 1955

Frank A. Hale, 1862 – 1998

Frank Lloyd Wright, 1948-1995

Frank, Louis F. Papers

Fred Gettelman Company, 1929 – 1957

Fred J. Chlupp, 1923-1958

Frederic Heath, 1848-1961

Frederick C. Best

Frederick Layton, 1857 – 1955

Frederick W. Carberry, 1895- 1974

Freie Gemeinde, 1870 – 1971

French Canadian/Arcadian Genealogists of Wisconsin

Friday Afternoon Club, 1907 – 1994

Frieda (Frank) Luctman, 1818-1989

Froede Family Papers

Furtmann Family, 1860-1987

Future Milwaukee

Galileo Galilei Society, 1884-1954

Garden Homes

Gay View Terrace Brunch of the Month Boutique, Records, 1970-1999

Gaylord Nelson, 1963-1981

General Mitchell Field, 1943 – 1953

George Daitsman, 1963-1991

George Hampel Jr., 1934 (1950-1959) 1984

George Hardie Jr. 1919-1994

George K. Edwards, 1882 – 1902

George Schley & Sons

George Wiedemann, 1909-1948

Gerald H. Kops, 1928-1972

Gerhard A. Bading

German Naval Association

German Theatre Company of Milwaukee, 1912-1958

Gesangsektion Der Freie Gemeinde, 1931-1980

Gimbel Brothers, 1840-1986

Globe – Van Doorn Corporation, 1903 – 1993

Goodwin Berquist, 1968-2000

Grace, Patrick

Gram, Edmund Papers

Granville (Wis.:Town). School District No. 16. Engleburg School, 1878 – 1957

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Gustav Stearns, 1906-1967

H. Weden and Sons Company, 1893 – 1949

H.H. Lohman and Sons, 1895 – 1947

Hafemeister, Ray, 1956-1971

Hall P. Cornelius Mack, 1965 – 1966

Halsey, Lawrence W. Papers

Hammersmith-Kortmeyer, 1890 – 1940

Hammersmith Family Papers

Hard Family Papers

Harley Frank, 1965-1970

Harley-Davidson, 1912 – ongoing

Harnischfeger Corporation, 1879 – 1984

Hartwig Displays Collection

Harold S. Vincent, 1918-1968

Harold Willis Story, 1911-1974

Harriet Dake, 1824-1968

Harriet P. Clinton Collection

Harry Hemming, 1915-1936

Health Collection

Helen Anderson, 1918 – 1923

Henry Clay School, 1924-1980 John Zussman, 1923-1982

Henry M. Benjamin, 1873-1919

Henry Rutz, 1933 – 1942

Henry W Mason Papers

Herbert A. F. Schultz, 1874 – 1985

Herbert C. Platz, 1936 – 1976

Herman Kent, 1899 – 1939

Hildegarde, 1950 – 1992

Hipke Family, 1907 – 1958

Historic American Buildings Survey, 1933 – 1975

Hoan Family, 1898 – 1944

Holbrook Family, 1736-1967

Hometown Inc.

Hospital Collection

Hotel Pfister

Howard F. Ilgner, 1906-1933

Howard J. Offutt, 1924-1996

Huebsch Manufacturing Company, 1900 – 1980

Hugo Emer, 1899 – 1928

Huguenot Society, 1968 – 1980

Increase A. Lapham, 1836-1990

Inner City Arts Council, 1963 – 1972


International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen, and Helpers of America, Local no. 200, 1936 – 1980

International Institute, 1918-2004

Irish American Collection, 1917-ongoing

Irwin C. Scroggins, c. 1880s-2001

Italian American Collection

J. Kornely Hardware Company, 1891 – 1975

Jack Eisendrath, 1956-1996

Jack Filipiak, 1820 – 2000

Jack Holzhauer, 1975-1976, 1979, 1987, 1997

Jacob Elias Friend, 1899 – 1901

Jaeger Family Papers

James Dorsey, 1919 – 1966

Janowiak, Norbert Papers

Jay Joslyn, 1930-1994

Jennie Romano Puccio, 1944-1988

Jeremiah & Alma (Cardell) Curtin, 1827-1998

Jerome C. Dretzka, 1908-1963

Jewish Community Collection, 1856-ongoing

John Cooper, 1839 – 1903

John Goadby Gregory, 1820s-1967

John L. Bohn, 1893-1953

John Pritzlaff Hardware Company

Johnson, Robert Colton Papers

Joseph Donnelly, 1909 – 1956

Joseph Iacolucci, 1918-1950

Joseph Wittig Co., Inc., 1863 – 1990

Jung Family, 1852 – 1993

Junior League of Milwaukee, 1940-1996

Kalkhoff, Alphonse F. Papers

Kammerer, Henry and Louise, 1910 – 1958

Kander, Lizzie Black Papers

Kane, Anita Papers

Kelly, Thomas Lett Papers

Kempf/Spillman Family, 1895-1974

Kilbourn, Byron Papers

Koehring Company

Korn, Bernhard C. Papers

Kramer, Ernst Papers

Kulwicki, Alan Papers

Kurtz Architects, Inc.

Lakeside Child and Family Center, ca. 1948 – 2000

Landmarks and Buildings Collection

Latino/Hispanic American Collection, 1990-ongoing

Layton Art Gallery, 1888-ca.1973

League of Women Voters of Greater Milwaukee

Lee, Mordecai, 1910-2004

Lefeber Family, 1832-1968

LeFevre-Coleman Family Collection

Left Wing Collection, 1919-ongoing

Leo J. Longdin, 1915-1933

Leonard William Rosnow, 1918-1962

Lewis Family

Lola Bullard, 1920 – 1936

Lonnborg, Kenneth Papers

Lorna Hooper Warfield, 1914-1986

Louis Allis Company

Louis Hildebrand, 1848 – 1902

Lutheran Hospital of Milwaukee, 1850 – 1973

Lutheran Radio Church Service, 1928 – 1991

Lynde Family Papers

Mabel Boehringer, 1945-1976

MacArthur Family, 1843-ongoing

Madaus, Howard Michael Papers

Madonna Del Lume Society, 1909-1976

Maier, Henry

Malcolm K. Whyte, 1965-1969

Manchester Family Papers

Margaret B. Emer, 1885 – 1964

Marietta Allen Booth, 1870-1928

Mariner, Ephraim Papers

Mario A. Carini, 1830-2008

Mark F. Pfaller Associates, 1933-1978

Marvin C. Holz, 1965 – 1966

Mary Callaway Spence, 1886 – 1940

Mary Ellen Young, ca. 1960s-1990

Matinee Club of Milwaukee, 1955-1989

Max W. Nohl, 1816-1943

Maxwell-Ray Manufacturing Company

Mazza, Theodore and Anita Papers

McElroy Family, 1821-1954

M.E.C.C.A. Collection

Media Collection

Medical Society of Milwaukee County

Meixner Family, 1893-1998

Melody Top Theatre

Menu Collection, 1843-ongoing

Mercy High School, 1910-2002

Merrill Family Papers

Metal Polishers International Union Local No. 10, 1892-1958

Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, 1863-ongoing

Metropolitan Milwaukee Home Economics Teachers Association, 1919-1981

Metropolitan Study Commission, 1956-1998

Mildred Decourcy, 1920-1945

Miller Family, 1897 (1920-1946) 1968

Miller, Frank Family Papers

Milprint, Inc.

Milwaukee Advertising Club

Milwaukee Aerie No. 137 Fraternal Order of Eagles, 1906-1987

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee Art Institute, 1916- 1980

Milwaukee Ballet Company

Milwaukee. Board of Election Commissioners

Milwaukee Board of Realtors

Milwaukee Catholic Youth Symphony/Milwaukee Silver Strings Club

Milwaukee Clearing House Association

Milwaukee Coke and Gas Company

Milwaukee County. County Clerk. Ordination

Milwaukee County (Wis.). County Executive. John L. Doyne, Collection, 1960-1976

Milwaukee County Children’s Home, Records, 1898-1934

Milwaukee County Citizenship Commission, 1938-1965

Milwaukee County Coroner

Milwaukee County Expressway Commission

Milwaukee County Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1922-1972

Milwaukee County Infirmary Records

Milwaukee County Jail

Milwaukee County Parks Department

Milwaukee County Republican Committee, 1935-1968

Milwaukee County Suburbs Collection

Milwaukee County Teachers Association, 1940-1954

Milwaukee County Transit Collection, 1890-ongoing

Milwaukee County. Board of Election Commissioners, 1848-1984

Milwaukee County. Coroner

Milwaukee County. County Executive. F. Thomas Ament, 1968-2002

Milwaukee County. County Executive. William O’Donnell

Milwaukee County. Institutions and Departments, 1848-ongoing

Milwaukee County. Register of Deeds

Milwaukee County. Superintendent of Schools, 1872, 1971

Milwaukee County. Supervisor Penny Podell, 1892 – 1990

Milwaukee County. Treasurer, 1842-1953

Milwaukee County. Veteran’s Housing Program, 1946-1964

Milwaukee Choral Artists

Milwaukee Folk Council, 1931-1973

Milwaukee Gardeners’ Association

Milwaukee Grain Exchange, 1854-1949

Milwaukee Hiking Club, 1937-1980s

Milwaukee. Inspector of Buildings

Milwaukee Institute of Music, Inc.

Milwaukee Journal, 1850 – 1994

Milwaukee Kickers, 1968-1987

Milwaukee Police Department

Milwaukee Pops Orchestra, Inc., 1953 – 1959

Milwaukee Protestant Home for the Aged, 1899 – 1984

Milwaukee Public Schools Collection

Milwaukee Woman’s Club Collection

Milwaukee Yacht Club

Milwaukee-Downer College

Milwaukee. Board of Park Commissioners

Milwaukee. Common Council, 1849-ongoing

Milwaukee. Department of City Development, 1959-1987

Milwaukee. Fire Department, 1843-1996

Moebius Printing Company

Mueller Climatrol Division of Worthington Corporation, ca. 1892-1960s

Mueller Family, 1919-1991

Music Societies Collection, 1876-ongoing

Muth, Clarence J.

Myrtle Baer, 1865-1920

Nathan Pereles & Sons, 1844-1906

Native American Collection, 1916-ongoing

Necia Loa Wallace, 1927 – 1996

Neighbors of Historic Walker’s Point Records, 1965-2003

Neighborhoods of Milwaukee Collection

Newhall House, 1857-1884

Norman Thomas Institute, 1985 – ongoing

Norris Family, 1801-1956

Norris Foundation, 1917 – 1992

Northwestern Furniture Company, 1881-1932

Nunnemacher/Weschler Family, 1845-1970

Oestreich, Rayline Papers

Ogden Family Papers

Olson-Curtin Collection, 1871-1983

Order of the Eastern Star, 1901-1978

Otto H. Foerster, 1880-1962

Pabst Brewing Company

Pabst Theater Collection

Panorama Painters Collection, 1886-1995

Parkman Club, 1895-1897

Pat R. Cuda, 1936-1995

Patrick Grace, ca. 1994-2003

Paul Langen, 1843-1914

Pauline E. Stanwitt, 1915-2004

Paulos Family

Payne, Henry C.

Pascek, Louis Papers

Pere Marquette Tercentenary Commission, 1965-1973

Perrin, Richard W. E. Papers

Peter N. Allerup, 1979 – 1987

Peter V. Deuster, 1864-1902

Peters, David E. Papers

Pfister/Vogel/Uihlein Family, 1848-1982

Philip G. Kuehn, 1831-1993

Philip Orth Co., 1882-1991

Pohl, William Papers

Polish American Collection

Political Collection

Port of Milwaukee Collection, 1842-ongoing

Porter, Jack Nusan Papers

Powers Family Collection

Pressed Steel Tank Co.

Rajski/Radecki/Erickson Families, 1880s-2000

Ralph Edward Bailey, 1870-1955

Reinhold Hardware, 1892-2000

Rexnord, Inc.

Richard R. Teschner, 1954-1981

Richardson Family Papers, 1891-1952

Ricker Family Papers

Rintelmann Family

Robert G. Carroon, 1969-1978

Robert M. Fanello, 1860 – 1982

Robert R. Rippey, 1938 – 1974

Robert S. Zigman, 1966-1974

Roderic Dibbert, ca. 1910 – 2000

Rohland Family, 1889-1972

Rohn/Grelke/Miller Family, 1834 – 1994

Ronald A. Drechsler, 1914-1982

Rose Daitsman, 1985-2006

Rudolph Alexander Koss, 1815-1908

Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary and Holy Assumption Catholic Cemetery

Sacred Heart Monastery (Hales Corners, WI)

Scandinavian American Home, Incorporated, 1876 – 1970

Scheder, Clinton A. Papers

Schlitz Brewing Company

Schoemann, Peter T. Papers

Schoenleber Family Papers

School Sisters of St. Francis

Schools – Private Collections, 1861 – ongoing

Schwartz, Roger J. Papers

Seaman/Martin/Apel Family Papers

Senn, Ulrich Papers

Settlement Cook Book Company

Sheffer, Walter Papers

Sherman Family Papers

Shorewood Players, 1936 – 1973

Sigmund J. Tomkalski, 1963-1994

Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Small/Cogswell Family, 1822-1913

Smartwear-Emma Lange, Inc.

Social Service Agencies Collection

Socialist Party Collection

Socialist Party, 1897-1980s

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Solomon L. Juneau, 1803-1975

Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, 1963- ongoing

Sphere, The

Sports Collection

Sprengling, Andrew Papers

St. Aemilian’s Orphan Asylum/Home

St. Andrew’s Society of the City of Milwaukee, 1859-ongoing

St. Anne’s Home For The Elderly

St. Catherine of Alexandria Church

St. Cecilia Society

St. John’s Episcopal Church

St. John’s Home, 1865-1985

St. Monica’s Church

St. Rose Residence

St. Vincent’s Home

Standard Oil of Indiana

Stefano Carini, c. 1927-1987

Steiner, Louise

Stella S. Mathews, 1918-1950

Steven Avella, PhD

Stone, Estelle Collection

Strong Family Papers

Strothmann, Wilhelm Papers

Susan M. Luecke, 1971-1984

Swedish-American Historical Society of Wisconsin, Inc., 1974 – 2000

T.A. Chapman Company, 1881-1982

Taxation Collection, 1847 – ongoing

Terrill, Abel Papers

The Milwaukee Pilot Club Papers, 1953-2012
Theatre Magazine Collection

Theaters Collection

Theobald Otjen Papers, 1867 – 1963

Theuer, Louis Papers

Thomas A. Duncan, 1927 – 1937

Thomas Hamilton, 1910 – 1989

Thomas M. Cheeks, 1955-1976

Tourism Collection, ca. 1900-ongoing

Tracy J. Hale, 1919 – 1959

Unione Fratellanza Toscana Society, 1907-1965

United Transportation Union, 1972-2002

University Club of Milwaukee

U.S. Bancorp

Verdell de Yarman, 1967 – 2007

Veterans Collection, 1921-ongoing

Walrus Club, 1921 – 1970

Walter Bubbert, 1880-1971

Walter F. Hintz, 1903-1965

Walter Fritiof Peterson, 1883-1985

Walter H. Curtis, 1922 – 1980

Walter and Olive Stiemke Foundation

Wangerin Family

Waswo, Lucille Papers

Wauwatosa (Wis.:Town), 1840-1956

West Milwaukee Collection

White Family Papers

Whitnall, Charles B. Papers

Wilford York, 1940-1965

Wilhelmine La Budde, ca. 1930-1955

Kesselman, William and Francis Papers

William E. Anderson, 1875 – 1980

William E. Carter, 1834 – 1905

William F. Hooker, c. 1925 – 1935

William F. Rasche, 1884-1971

William J. Martin, 1913-1922

William J. McCauley, 1932-1968

William J. McGowan, 1933-1999

William Pieplow, 1894-1859

William R. McGovern, 1908-1957

William Reckmeyer Company, 1895-1988

William T. Eggers, 1941 – 1981

William Woods Plankinton, 1934-1962

Winkler, Frederick C. Papers

Winogene Bergmann, 1921 – 1946

Wisconsin Bell

Wisconsin Catholic Action Convention

Wisconsin Civil Rights Congress Circa (1951-1959)

Wisconsin Club, 1899-1998

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, 1911-1964

Wisconsin Department of Public Welfare, 1874-1957

Wisconsin Electric Power Company, 1900-1999

Wisconsin Humane Society, 1879-1999

Wisconsin Industrial Commission, 1923-1969

Wisconsin Music Teachers Association, 1910-ongoing

Wisconsin Railroad Commission, 1882-1929

Wisconsin Society Sons of the American Revolution

Wisconsin State College at Milwaukee

Wisconsin State Fair Park, 1918 – ongoing

Wisconsin Workshop for the Blind, 1903-1918

Wojciechowski, Jerome Papers

Woman’s Conservation League of America, Inc., 1920-1965

Women in Communication Inc. 1968-ongoing

Women’s Court and Civic Conference of the Greater Milwaukee Area, 1936-2004

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom-Milwaukee Branch, 1918-1970

World’s Fair/ Expositions

World War II Collection

Young Men’s Republican Club of Milwaukee, 1888 – 1916

Zeidler Family, 1929-ongoing

Ziegler Family Papers