Current Exhibits

Alan Kulwicki: A Champion’s Story

“Alan Kulwicki: A Champion’s Story” leads you on a journey of hardship, triumph, tragedy, and renewal. Learn about the life and legacy of one of Milwaukee’s native sons: Alan Kulwicki, a NASCAR Winston Cup Series racecar driver.

From his humble beginnings in Milwaukee to becoming a champion in Atlanta, Alan’s life & legacy represent themes that embody Milwaukee, as well as the people and business that are proud to call her home. Through core themes, such as passion dedication, education and entrepreneurialism, the Milwaukee County Historical Society, in partnership with Balance Studios, Inc., present an experience centered on Alan Kulwicki’s life that will inspire, inform, and educate. Utilizing traditional and cutting-edge technology, the experience will include the following signature program themes that embodied Alan Kulwicki.

Racing Through the Years: Choose Your Own Adventure Educational Kiosks

This dynamic interactive exhibit will provide the history of racing since the 1930’s from three different perspectives: Alan’s Racing Career, Wisconsin Racing, and Motorsports/NASCAR Racing.

Alan’s Cars Through the Years: An Augmented Reality (AR) Educational Experience

Utilizing iPad technology, Alan’s Cars Through the Years will provide an educational experience where patrons to view and learn about the cars Alan drove throughout his racing career, as well as the engineering behind them.

Dairyland Demons: History of Wisconsin Auto Racing

There is a rich history of racing in Wisconsin – from the Milwaukee Mile to the dirt tracks found throughout the state. Dairyland Demons strives to bring Wisconsin’s motorsports history to you, through an interactive, touch-screen kiosk that will present an engaging experience based on video documentaries, still photography, animation, and gaming.

Kulwicki’s Kids: Science and Engineering Initiative

An educational exhibit that intertwines elements of mathematics, engineering, and entrepreneurship, all the elements that made Alan Kulwicki a champion. The exhibit concepts are created in an edutainment style, that of combining the educational elements with entertaining and engaging design and functionality.

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