Wisconsin Dells (Vianden)

M1940301980frameWisconsin Dells (Vianden)
c. late 19th century

In 1849 Heinrich Vianden arrived from Germany to Milwaukee. He was the first German born artist to settle perminently in the Milwaukee area. He was professionally trained and started an art school in the area. Locally known as Henry Vianden he had a profound impact on the next generation of artists to train in Milwaukee.

When the Milwaukee Art Association was organized in 1888, Vianden was elected vice-president. He worked in the city for 50 years before his death in 1899 at the age of 85. During that time the city had transformed, booming with new immigrants and artists. However, it was thanks to Vianden’s early teaching and influence that helped Milwaukee gain its reputation as an artist’s city, drawing in even more trained and talented people to ply their creative trade.