Online Collections

Utilizing the web, the Milwaukee County Historical Society is pleased to provide its members and the public with a series of online tours that detail specific collections within the Artifact Division. Additional artifacts can be seen in online exhibits.

Billie the Brownie Collection
Browse objects that relate
to an icon of Milwaukee’s
Christmas past.
  Jeremiah Curtin Collection
Browse through interesting
and macabre objects collected
during the travels of this famous
Paintings Collection
Browse portraits, landscapes,
and other works from the
Society’s painting collection.
  Brewery Collection
Browse through advertising,
labels, and memorabilia from
Milwaukee’s most recognizable industry.
Susan Frackelton Collection
Browse through the works
of Milwaukee’s foremost
pottery and china painter.

The information in our online collections tours comes from an extensive database of more than 10,000 object records created and managed by the Milwaukee County Historical Society. Many of these records contain only basic information. New accessions are cataloged and described in the database, but the re-cataloging, imaging, and data entry of donations prior to 2007 requires additional funding.